At the beginning the farm was specialized in matched arable cultures, as it often happens in Tuscany,olive trees cultures and ,as proof of this passion, we can still see a traditional oil mill.

During the years, the Zannoni specialized in two areas: wine making and oil making. It began the recovery and development of the vineyards of the country:Sangiovese and Trebbiano. In the Eighties, the management of the farm passed to Aldo and his son Roberto, who started a new way, focussed on quality. The wine cellar was in the 16th century Maruzzi Palace and,for many years,the processing took place in this building inmidst in the atmosphere and typical scents of tuscan wine cellars. There, there were the cement vat used for the winemaking and the huge wood barrel.

In the year 2000 a modern wine cell was built in order to optimize and increase the quality of the finished product. The barriques took the place of the old wooden vat and more modern structures appeared in the cells. The older vineyards, like the Sangiovese, were restored and kept, while the Trebbiano was replaced with the Vermentino and new systems of Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon. During the years, the administration passed from father to son and Roberto and his wife Daniela handed down their passion to their sons, who studied agriculture.Stella is an oenologist and an oil technician, while Pietro wil soon become an agricutltural perish.

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